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My favorite Tavern Dionysos in Ferma

on the day
    and in
       the evening
In the village of Ferma, located half way between Ierapetra and Makrighialos, you will find the
Dionysos Tavern. A "highlight", which you should not miss, is the singing innkeeper Jorgos, who as a lyre player enjoys great esteem even beyond the region of Lassithi. Unforgettable for me are many evenings, when Jorgos and his friends unpack the instruments and play 'Cretan earwigs'. Here, the Cretan joy of life in its pure naturalness and exuberance is to experience. The evenings often lasts until the early hours of the next morning.
Jorgia, not only an excellent cook, but also the soul of the tavern provides for the physical well-being of the guests. A specialty is the fish soup - kakavia, which reduced on a few fresh ingredients reflects the natural healthy Cretan cuisine.Try the onion rings fried in batter. You can get this only here!
Very often, guests will be entertained in the evening by the "host" and his friends with Cretan music.
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